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The debaffling of stock tapered pipes on a Triumph America - English version

Incredible but true!

Original billet is here (French version). I translated for US/UK people, because I know the subject is much appreciated. We all know the sound of our bikes with stock pipes is very very disappointing... very !

After an exhaustive search on the Web and read many articles about it, I started today and I made my first bafflectomy. The operation went very smoothly. The baby is doing well everything is ok!

The father is very happy: My America sounds like a motorcycle! Exit the sound of a washing machine or lawn mower we all knew.

This is an article describing a mechanical operation I did on my own bike. If you want to do this operation yourself, you do so at your own risk.

This took me 5 minutes
and it cost me only 11.85 euros!


 Materials needed to remove the last baffle off the pipe
For this, I  needed a hole saw, a drill and a pair of duck-bills. You can use a long nose pliers. The two tubes that you see between the clamp and the drill, are the pieces that you remove from the silencer.

Hole saw :  Leroy Merlin (french tool warehouse) EUR 11.85

Wolcraft  hole saw 35mm - 1 3/8"
Hole saw Wolcraft  35mm (1 3/8") HSS Bi-Metal . ref :5467

 Without disassembling, the bike on the stand, it took me 5 minutes, time to cut the tubes.

Step 1 : original pipe Step 2: The pipe after cutting with the hole saw Step 3 : The pipe after removing the tube

Step 1

The pipe as original

Step 2

The pipe after cutting with the hole saw

Step 3

The pipe after removing the tube

That's it!

And here is the tube once it is removed:

The tube has been removed from the pipe
The tube is welded at the end of the muffler. Once you've cutted with the hole saw, the tube falls. Not need to force, to break the welds, etc.. The tube is 12.5 cm long with a diameter of about 24mm.

No re-map, no further adjustment. It will stay like that!

 This surgery was performed on an EFI America 2009 with original tapered pipes.  I do not know if the procedure is the same with Slash Cut pipes of the Speedmaster.

This text will be replaced
This text will be replaced too

So, if you really want to save between 300 and 500 euros and have a real motorcycle sound without breaking the bank and without getting tired, do like me: Knock your pipes!

You can participate in the forum about this

Pat Hajuin.

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04/06/2011 à 17h. 27 par : jamie
Nice...going to do mine today. Where did you get the hard saddle bags? they look sharp...
18/04/2014 à 01h. 12 par : Gary
What hard saddlebags are those? They look great and are exactly what I've been looking for!
03/08/2015 à 09h. 35 par : jack
thanks lawn mower reviews
20/11/2015 à 20h. 29 par : bp
Sorry, that is just the end tube. The next tube is the baffle. I'm afraid no one will notice much sound difference if you stop here. It's a good start, but read other actual debaffle articlesbefore you begin & don't trust everything you read on the internet! It takes hours to properly debaffle triumph exhaust the first time you try. This is not a debaffle at all. It will still be very, very quiet.
30/01/2016 à 03h. 11 par : Mark
30/01/2016 à 23h. 54 par : Mark
01/02/2016 à 04h. 53 par : Mark
01/02/2016 à 11h. 24 par : Mark
01/02/2016 à 22h. 01 par : Mark
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